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Good Friday Apr. 6th Our Bearers came back from the Trenches today where they have been following up old Fritz. We are putting on a Concert tomorrow night & we had a rehearsal tonight, so as to give 'em some of our best.

Saturday 9. Yesterday the Frenchmen on the Farm killed a big pig, to give the Bearers some pork; but when our cook inspected it, he discovered it to be an old sow about 90 years of age; & too tough to chew; so Pork was off. Johnnie Moore went into Amiens & purchased a big supply of good things. The Banquet was gorgeous & our Concert was thoroughly enjoyed by the Bearers.

Easter Sunday 8/4/17. Lovely day. After Dinner Dodson & I went into Baupaume. We got a lift in a motor Lorry. It was most interesting the whole way out. Fritz left hundreds of tons of Barbed wire behind & a huge stack of coal. On the roadside we saw a whole train, about 20 or 30 trucks, which our guns had blown off the Line. We also counted 7 tanks which Fritz had "knocked out". The country is just like a Honeycomb, shell holes joining up to one another. We saw MacCallum in Bapaume. He is acting as detail to the 31st Batt. I asked one of the traffic police where the Town Hall was. He looked a bit surprised & pointing to a vacant piece of ground said "That's where it was." The Huns certainly made a Job of blowing it up.

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