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FRI. Sept. 14. Payney & I spent a busy day flying around after the Photos. The Film that we used at Senlis turned out very well. 6 photos were taken in all & we got orders for nearly 400 pictures. The photographer promised to have them finished by Sunday morning, but I'm thinking he will have to get very busy. The proofs turned out splendidly. Commenced Letter 34 to B.E.

Sat. 15. There is a big Trench Mortar Stunt on over in the Paddock & there are scores of General's & Staff Officer's about. Finished Letter 34.
Madame's little Girl was sick this morning so I took the poor kid down to see Maj. Bond.

Sun. Sept. 16. Busy day packing up our Gear &am; cleaning out the Barn. Obtained 300 photos from the chap in Wardracques. I went down about 10 a.m. & he was it the throes then of bustling to get 'em finished. His wife also assisted & between us we managed to get them done. We left the Billet & marched down to H.Qrs about 5.30, then we returned to the Estaminet & had a Farewell sing song. We had an almost complete gathering of "the Botts" & every man was in good voice. During the business hour, W.O. Kitson, Sgts Mathieson & [no entry] put in an appearance, so we made them honorary members of "the Botts" on them paying for a Round. Madame also contributed 6 Botts of Vin Blanc, & we had a very pleasant evening. Before returning we visit Madame with the sick piccaninny & enquired after her health. We left a souvenir group of the Botts with both Madames.

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