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Tiddley Om Pom
If you feel an inclination
To go to Paris to improve your education
Take advice from one who knows what's what
You cant learn much their nowadays
If to see things you've decided
It would be better if you did the same as I did
Take a trip – go to Spain
When you come back again
You'll perhaps know what I mean.
Tiddley-om-pom Tiddley-om-pom
Tiddley –om-pom-pom-pom-pom
Oh the folks they do go on so
In the land of King Alfonso
O the prancing and the dancing
Well the best thing I can say
Is om tiddley om-pom-pom-pom-pom
Tiddley om pom pom pom pom

Where you see the Girl who dances
In tricky manner that peculiar to France is
You'll perhaps get quite excited at
The vast display of underwear
And although you get your eye full
Of fol-de-riddles, after all 'tis but a trifle
But to call that a dance, why it aint got a chance.
With the way girls dance in Spain

O the dainty dancing donah
Sends you off your Barcelona
The contortions – they are cautions

Every Spaniard loves Bullfighting
And I was told that it was awfully exciting
But I saw a Bullfight once and was disappointed terribly
People said the show would knock me
But it takes a little more that that to knock me
For as most Anzacs do – I've attended a few
Of the two-up schools at home

No politeness – No Beg pardons
In the fight to win the fardens
O the wrangling – and the mangling
And the language by the way
Is ----

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