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Fri. FEB. 2. Rations are very scarce on this Job. We finished what little we had for Tea last night, so this morning we slept in till about 10 when the rations arrived. They only sent enough for 3 meals & we are one meal short. After Dinner Maggs, Bowden, & I took a walk out to Cow Trench, to see what the Job was like. I arranged to send out a Party of 4 men to work with the sappers. There is a smashed up aeroplane near our A.D.S. & a bit further over a Tank, which has either been struck by a big shell or blown up by her own crew. I looked inside it. It was most interesting. There were still a number of shells inside her but they were jammed in the racks or I would have brought one away as a souvenir. The first party left here at 7.30 last night & returned about 3 this morning.

Sat. 3. Turned out about 7 this morning roused the 2 working parties & lit a fire. Rations are still very young & all that I could give the lads for Break. was some warmed up bully beef, Biscuits & Tea. Now we are waiting on the rations so that the rest of us can have some Break. About 10 Reg Sutton came out with our Rations which we were mighty glad to get. We turned to & cooked a bit of tucker & had a good feed. Then I put some Ice on to melt & had awash & shave. Was just getting settled down to write a letter to B.E when a party of the 15th arrived to take over the new Aid Post. We had to turn out of some of the places to make room for em'. After Tea an Engineer officer came round & asked a few things about the Job. A shrapnel burst over his & he went away in rather a hurry.

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