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Thur. 7. Last night we had a fire in the Tent which made things much warmer. Break. was very light. The M.O. came round about 11.30. Told him I was well enough to rejoin my unit, if only I could get a pair of Boots & a few other articles of attire, so he told the Orderly to attend to it. After Dinner went to Q.M. Store & enquired about Boots & found they hadn't any in stock; so that means I've got to stay in this accursed hole a bit longer. They have marked our tickets now for the various sittings for meals. The crowd in our Tent are marked 3rd sitting, "so the Lord help us". It is raining & I am paddling about the place in a pair of Bedroom slippers. We pass away most of our spare time in Big Game Hunting.

Fri. Slept fairly well last night, due no doubt to the fact that before turning in, I murdered 347 chats. They are as numerous as ever though now.
For Break. we had a minute quantity of Bacon & a drop of cold Tea, using empty Jam Tins as Cups. This sumptuous repast is our reward for standing out in the Rain & mud for about half an hour. Went in search of Boots again, but no luck, so I can't get away. For Dinner we had some light stew. Took a No. 9, so something should be doing shortly. Issued with another Blanket.

Sat. 9. Rained heavily early this morning. I had to go out in it & leave my nice warm bed. Glory! got a pair of Boots this morning, so now I can get away.

This is Dec. 15 & how the dickens I am going to record my doings of the last 6 days, I don't know, but I must make an effort or my diary will be minus some of the most exciting events since first donning my "Anzac". After getting issued with Boots I went down to the Dump & fossicked around for a steel helmet & puttees, which luckily I found

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