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Sat. 10. Kept busy in Blanket Store. Weather still frosty. Finished Letter to M.S. Concert Party going strong, but most of the crowd got very bad colds.

Sun. 11> Went into Albert with 2 G.S. waggons & drew 1000 Blankets from the 7th F. Amb. Plenty of Patients arriving & departing which keeps me busy in the Store. Church Service in the Concert Room till 7.45. Made our Night birds rehearsal rather late.

Mon. 12. Reg Hancock & Murphy were evacuated today. About half the Amb. are sick in Hospital. Got some more mail today. One Letter from Kath, one from Mother & one from D.O.L. Horrie Playford came along with his Cornet so now we have quite a first class orchestra, Violin, Piano, & Cornet

Tues. 13. Quite an exciting day. Early this morning a number of Taubes came over & dropped bombs, but didn't do much damage. Just after Dinner a Patient was having a shave in the Barbers shop, when he collapsed, seriously wounded. The pack store is next door. A chap was cleaning a rifle there, when it went off & the poor beggar in the shop got the bullet thro' his arm & made a big hole in his side. Of course there will be an enquiry & somebody will get into trouble. The Concert is going good, but my partner, Blanton is suffering from Trench feet & can't jig about at all. I wrote out some Programmes today put a sketch of an owl in one Corner, & it looks very well.

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