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Thur. May 24th 5 years today Lill left England Father's Birthday & Empire Day. Snowy & I went to Southend. It was a Perfect Day. We arrived Southend about midday. Aunt Pudney was surprised to see me. We had a good Dinner there. Mr Pudney made us feel quite at Home. Olive is a very nice Girl. Mrs Pudney & I adjourned to the sitting room, where we had a great old yarn about Lill. She showed me her photo Album, in which I saw Lill Absolom as a Kid. What a bonnie Kid she was too. Florrie is married to a sergeant in the Flying Corps. She is almost as good looking as her cousin. Snowy & I went for a stroll around the Town. It was very quiet. Mrs P wanted us to stay overnight, but we couldn't spare the time. Went to a photographers to get my picture taken, but he was out.

Fri. May 25th Went to Southampton. Got there about 2 oclock. Aunt Nell was not a bit surprised to see me, as she said she had expected me so long. It is a very nice part of the suburb in which she lives & a very pretty cottage & Garden. I showed my collection of pictures She (like everyone else) quiet fell in Love with Lill; & asked me how I managed to win such a nice little Wife – but that is a mystery. I don't know myself. She must miss Uncle Stewart very much. I had a scrumptious Tea. Ate about 2 lbs of Lovely Home made Cake. Aunt Nell gave me what was left to bring away. Snowy Atherton soon made a mess of it – ably assisted by C.W. & Bunny. She was quite put out because I couldn't stay overnight, but Lord, what can a man do in 10 days?

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