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Mon. Aug. 13. M.O. marked me for Base. Spent afternoon in Y.M. Played few games Ping-Pong. Raining again. Fell in at 5 & marched over to Collecting Camp. 16 of us in a Bell Tent. Only one blanket – no boards on ground. Had very little sleep.

Tues. Aug. 14. Reveille at 6. Woke up feeling pretty rotten. Discovered had a lovely cold, owing to sleeping on damp ground. Breakfast 6.30 Small piece cold Bacon & 1 slice Bread per man. This is the Life. Went over to Con. Camp. Spent day there & had dinner & tea there also. Once went over to Base Camp. Attended Concert in Y.M. Hut. Pretty good. Pouring rain again good thing for cold, sleeping on wet ground.


Wed. Aug. 15. Fell in at 7 a.m. for Base. Issued with Iron Rations for Train journey. Marched to Rouen Station. About 3 miles. Actually carriages for troops to ride in. Surely we are "winning the War" Train pulled up at Station. Obtained Hot water from Engine driver & made Tea. Had a Feed. Very Pretty country – passing. Plenty of Fruit about. Arrived Harfleur about 1.30 detrained. Marched to Y.M. Hut, where they gave us some Tea & Bread & Jam Then went to No 24 Camp. Fine camp. Well laid out. Had good feed at Tea Time. First one for weeks. Corned Rabbit Plum duff. Met Bill Lancaster. Visited Salvation Army & Y.M. Hut. Fine big buildings. Really ought write some Letters, but feel so rotten. Sorry Lill. Will go to Bed & try & sleep this rotten cold away. Good night L x

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