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Fri. JAN. 5. Another Busy morning cleaning rifles in Pack Store. Frank Newton made up a number of topical verses which we tried out at our rehearsal. Arranging skits for Sketch, "Thumbs Up". "Orace" funny as a Circus.

Sat. 6. Last night went into Vignacourt to pick up material for our Topical verses from our Division. Rehearsal after Dinner. Things going good. Bobby Roberts went into Amiens to purchase material for Ruffles & is busy making them.

Sun. 7. Went into Vignacourt with Harry Douch & Payney to hear the Div. Band play, but it failed to turn up. Had Feed, Eggs, Bread & Butter. Returned Chateau & spent evening quietly.

Mon. 8. Wrote Southend & France. Busy in the Pack store helping "Major" Payne. Had rehearsal in Officer's ward. Things going good. Weather rotten.

Tues. 9. Payney goes on leave tomorrow & I am taking his place in the Pack Store. Plenty patients coming in & keeping us moving.

Wed. 10. I thought this bloomin' Pack Store job was going to be easy, but we have been busy moving into another Building, & its anything but a joke to be humping packs around all day. The arrangements for the Concert are going well. Mr Greenberg, Y.M.C.A., came along & asked if we could put on our Show tomorrow night, as the 11th Brig. are moving out on Friday; so that means we've got to fly round & make a name for ourselves. The rehearsal went off very well tonight.

Thur. 11. Last night wrote few more pages to M.S. Payney & party went away on leave today. The "Night birds" left Olincourt at 10, in a Horse Amb. & arrived at Y.M. in Flesselles about 10.45. It is quite a decent little hall with a good stage & our Stage Carpenters, Hargraves & Stan Wilson soon had the place in something like order. Staff Kitson & a party of us went about 2 ½ miles away to get the Piano, which was kindly lent us by the O.C. of an Anti-Aircraft Battery. It was snowing heavily, but we greatly enjoyed the walk.

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