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Sat. Nov 18. We carried on the good work in the afternoon, spreading metal on the roads. The 8th will certainly leave a monument behind us on "the Somme" in the way of good roads. We had cocoa & Biscuits for Supper, quite a luxury.

Sun. 19. They didn't call it "Church Parade" today, but just told off the different parties on to their Jobs. Reg Sutton & Dad Good are making Garbage Boxes. They knocked off at 11.45 instead of 12 & Col. [Horn?] crimed 'em. After Dinner we were issued with [Re…x?] Comforts. Lollies, Cocoa & milk, cigtts tobacco, etc, so we are living very high lately. Blue Riley is breaking out in pimples. Gen. Birdwood inspected the camp. A good no. of wounded are coming through, but they all reckon we are giving the Huns "particular Hell". They turned every one of the Bearers out last night, but when we reported at Receiving Point we found we were not wanted, so returned to Bunk. Les Townshend & Jack Keen paid us a visit from the Quarry. Towny" has the shoulder strap which he cut off the tunic of the Hun airman, when came through wounded.

Mon. 20. The 14th Bearers went out to the line this morning. Last night I wrote to M.S. Reg Sutton's case was to have come off today, but was postponed. Cleaning up Camp. Snowy", Bert Hunt & party went into Dernancourt & brought back a load of stretchers & blankets. Bert Hunt heard a few days ago that his brother was killed, but today he got word from a chap in the same Batt. that he was alive & well. After Tea we went to the station & brought over a load of wounded. We got orders tonight to pack up & be ready to move back to "the Line" tomorrow. Lorry [Trous?]. issued us with 48 hours rations. Glory Halleluia! Got 4 Letters. 1 each from Lill, France, Mother & Cis We "chatted" our shirts very carefully, as we may not have the chance again for some time. Mac" gave me a hand , & I caught 9, which we mercifully incinerated with the candle.

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