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22 Gen. Hospital
Oct. 1st Mon. Another month gone & the war seems as far off the end as it did a year ago. The doctor made a thorough exam. of every patient in the ward this morning. After he had looked at my Leg, he told Sister not to give me any Break. tomorrow, so that looks as if he is going to operate. Good Job too. I don't fancy getting around the country with a lump of shrapnel in my carcase.

Tues. 2. No Break this morning. At about 10.30 they sent for me to go to "the Pictures". I came round just as dinner was on, but didn't feel like eating any. My leg is jolly sore, but I don't mind that so long as I get to "Blighty". A Sgt. Major Metcalf of the 60 Batt. is in the next Bed to me. His Jaw is badly smashed.

Wed. Oct. 3. Gee! I got quite a shock this morning when I saw the Gash they had made in my leg. It gave me L too when Sister Cummings was dressing it. The Doctor happened to come round while I was being dressed & he marked me H.S.B. which means "Hospital Ship – Bed." All I want now are the magical Letters A.P. which is the signature of Sir Alan Perry, O.C. the Hospital; then I'm right for Blighty.

Thur. 4. Last night the wind blew a hurricane. This morning Sir Alan came around & marked my Ticket, Hooray. Now I must rest my soul in patience till I get over to dear old Blighty. Just after Tea the Serg. brought round my clothes. A suit of pyjamas, a flannel shirt, pair of socks – (one of 'em I couldn't get on) cap comforter & sweater.

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