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Fri. Oct. 19. Bit too cold to go out this morning. Received Post Card from Alec Blakeman. Poor old Butler our "P.B." man went away this morning. Smithy & I will suffer for that. Things are much the same in Hospital, one day as the next. It makes one very lazy to be sitting back here & waited on hand & foot. They are a long time sending our mail over from France.

Sat. Oct. 20. Fine day, but cold. An old Lady came in this afternoon & said "she was sorry she had no cakes left as she had given them all to the wounded soldiers," so she must think we are "swinging it". Sister Bristol informs us that we are having a Bun Fight & Concert on Tuesday, which is something to look forward to. Lizzie sent me another Box of Fruit.

Sun. 21. Buckland being away, "Ginger", the Generals daughter put Sgt. "Bismuth" on to collect the Washing Bowls, which caused a few smiles to ripple round the ward. Maj. Paley visited me yesterday & after seeing the X Ray plates, he decided to leave the piece of shrapnel in my leg. Had a jolly good dinner. Roast Beef & Veg. Baked apples & rice. Quite a lot of visitors came during the afternoon. Smithy's Girl & her sister among them. They brought a Big Cake, which went down well at Tea time. We all went to Chapel after Tea, those who could not walk went in wheeled chairs. Nurse Jarrett tucked us well in with rugs. It is a beautiful little chapel with Pipe organ, & the service was most enjoyable. Afterwards Matron played the Hymns & we warbled in the ward.

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