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Thur. JAN. 18. Arrived Bernafay about 1 p.m. We are billeted in Huts about 38 to each hut & they are very crowded. Stan Wright was evacuated this morning. He's been sick for some time. The roads are very soft & muddy, but considering the amount of traffic, it is wonderful that they are passable at all. We had a Rum Issue at 5, which cheered everyone up, & before going to sleep we had a sing song.

Fri. 19. Reveille at 7. Break 8. Parade 9. It was jolly cold last night & I slept very little. One good thing, being so crowded helps to keep us warm. 40 of us were told off as a Fatigue Party to work in the Transport Lines, but when we got there no one knew anything about the work or us, so we adjourned to the Y.M.C.A. Hut where we got Biscuits & Tea. The Y.M.C.A. is a great institution & looks after us well, whether in the Firing Line or out of it.
FRI.JAN 19. After Dinner we returned to the Horselines & made a track for the Horses & Wagons through the mud. The poor horses were up to their bellies & the waggons were up to the axles. It was a rotten Job & we were mighty glad when 4 o'clock came so that we could knock off. Rations are very young & we could only rake up half a slice of Bread each for Tea. There are plenty of Biscuits about but Bricky Howard is using them for the Fire. They make good fuel. After Tea we went to the Y.M.C.A. Hut where the 2nd Monmouths gave a good Concert. Returned to camp about 9. Had Issue of Rum & retired.

Sat. 20. Slept a bit warmer last night, thank the Lord. A sec & part of B went out to R.A.P. [Regimental Aid Post] after Break. The rest of us were put on duties about the Camp. Fritz put over a good few shots but they kept away from us. Spent the afternoon quietly. Rolled myself in a blanket and commenced to write to M.S. Went to Bed early. Bert Hunt & I put our blankets together & made a double bunk.

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