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[Page 181]

63 Dodson - Went to Blighty Apr. 28/17
64 Bayliss - ditto
65 Nash – ditto

66 Winter – 5/5 & Capt. Marshall. Maj. McKenzie
67 Hall – ditto

68 [Mathieson]Murray

69 Musman
70 Atherton
71 Riley
72 Whitaker
73 Moore
[69 to 73] Left Bapaume 19 May. Arr. London 20 May.
Left London June 1st. Arr. Bapaume June 3

74 Howard
75 McCallum

B Coy. [indecipherable] Batt. 5 officers Trinity College Cambridge

Pieter de [Ooninok?]
Hut 14

[Following list of numbers was probably already in the book when found]

Bricky Howard
Norm Marlow.
Stan Wright.
Shag Shearer
Cpl. Nix.
Bill Adams.
A.J. Moore.
Joy Colley.
B.W. Howard.

Transcriber's note:
Pg 18-19 Vignacourt is spelt Vignecourt
Pg 27 Buire is first spelt Beure
Pg 68 a town is spelt Vaulese and on page 69 it is spelt Vausel. This town may be Vraucourt or Vaulx-Vraucourt which are located between Bapaume and Bullecourt
Pg 141 the ship "Pieter de Coninck" is spelt "Pieter de Cominck"

[Transcribed by Peter Mayo, Ros Bean for the State Library of New South Wales]

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