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FRI. Sept. 28. We get a good view from our ward. There is a pretty range of Hills right ahead. The weather is glorious, & its fine to be able to sit back in Bed & be made a fuss of by the Nurses, especially after Hell Fire Corner.
I went down & got X rayed after Break. They found a piece of shrap still in my Leg, so I'll be getting it taken out as soon as the serious cases are gone through. 6 chaps went away to Blighty tonight, including West, the chap who shared the shell with me. Hope I get there soon.

Sat. Sept. 29. A number of cases came into our ward during the night. They say that our fellows gained all their objectives & have dug themselves in, so that means Fritz won't get it back again. Polygon Wood is in our hands. We have heard a lot about that lately. Cis's Birthday. Weather continues good. A number of cases were marked "Blighty" this morning & they are very joyful. The food is pretty good in this Hospital. The doc. had a look at my leg this morning & says it is going on very nicely.

Sun.Sept. 30. The Band played near our ward today & made things quite cheerful & lively. Doc. says the piece of shrap. will have to be removed – the sooner the better, I say. The chap in the next Bed to me had his eye (left) taken out today. It was badly knocked about with shrapnel. W.G. Ray. 4152 D31 Bt He is quite cheerful about it.

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