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Bed 54
FRI. Oct. 5. Last night I put on my Blighty clothes & sat up in Bed till about 2 a.m. I heard the motors buzzing around, & thought, "Oh, they'll be here for me presently". After that I dozed off to sleep & was awakened by the night orderly at about 5 bringing round the water to wash. It appears there was no evacuation last night, so now I must hope for better luck tonight. Another big crowd of wounded arrived & the ward is almost full again. After Break. the Charge Sister brought her tray around & dressed my leg. After the operation they put a wad of lint in the wound to prevent it from healing too quickly. This morning this had to be removed. It was a ticklish job, but Sister Sharpe was as gentle as a lamb & it was soon over. They took the Serg. Maj. away for his operation & afterwards took him to another ward. He went crook about it, too.

A.10 Wd. Camieres
This is the Operation Ward where the chaps are brought after visiting the Pictures. Some of them say very amusing things when they are under Ether, & we get plenty of laughs. Hope to goodness I get away to Blighty tonight. One thing certain, I cannot get any better treatment, anywhere, than I am getting in this A 10 Ward. What a good long letter I'll be able to write to B.E. when I get over. Our chaps continue to give Fritz Hell, which is certainly good news. And they are holding all the ground they took. -- About 1.30 a.m. on

Sat. Oct. 6 the stretcher bearers arrived to take me away to Blighty. They carried me down to the Orderly Tent & from there they took us away in Amb. Cars to the Hosp. Train. Here I was put in a Bunk. The Train was staffed by V.A.D's, & they looked after us well. The Train left about 4.30, They

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