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privates are to Lance Jacks from date & my name was among 'em greatly to my surprise. Mac Dougall is another L. Cpl. He only returned from Blighty this morning. Brought a Parcel back with him & after the show he invited Stan Wright & I to supper, which we greatly enjoyed.

Sun. 14. Had to get up a bit earlier this morning to prepare for the Road again. Fell in at 9.30 & were issued with Iron rations also 48 hrs. rations to carry us on our Journey. Before we left the Col. made a nice little speech wishing us "God speed & a safe return" & the crowd sent us off with 3 hearty cheers. Les Townshend sung out "3 Cheers for the Roan" which we gave with great gusto. After about an hour's march through about a foot of snow we boarded the Train at Flesselles Station The snow fell all night & looked very pretty on the roofs of the Houses & on the trees & was a novel sight to many of the crowd. We travelled 10 in a Carriage, which made us very crowded. After about 4 hours run in the train we arrived at Beure where we disembarked & marched through the Town on to Ribemont where we camped in what looks like an old Brewery.
The 14th F.A. were already there. We are billeted in a loft, about 20 of us, which is very draughty & cold. "Mac" shouted a bottle of Champagne to celebrate his promotion.

Mon. 15. Couldn't sleep last night, as it was so jolly cold. Wrote France & Mother Sent France Birthday Card. No duties. So after Dinner, Mac, Stan Wright & I walked into Buire about 3 miles away, & had a look round the Town. There were hundreds of German prisoners working on the Roads. They all look well fed & are quite cheerful. We can hear the boom of the Guns again quite distinctly. Went to Bed early, as there is nothing doing in the village & it's too jolly cold to mess around. This loft is awfully cold & draughty, & Mac & Wrighty & I huddled together in a heap to try & get warm.

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