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Tues. Oct. 30. 3y Ward. Yesterday, just as we were bidding the Nurses "Goodbye", they handed me a big mail from France. 23 Letters, so as soon as I got settled in Bed, I had a glorious old read. They were from Mother, France, Cis, Kath, Nell, & 6 from B.E. Gee! it made my head whirl to read all that lot. In answer to my Letters from England & about M.M. I'll be kept busy now with writing Letters. Today I started on a cushion cover for Lill, but I'm wondering if I'll be in Hosp. long enough to finish it. It is a very pretty design. The Food is pretty good here but they don't make much fuss of a man. It's more like a hardening Camp than a Hosp. Cordner. 36 Batt. is also busy on a Cushion. He comes along to my Bed at intervals during the day & we compare the amount of work done.

No. 1 Aust. Aux. Hosp.
Wed. 31. The weather is glorious, & from what I've seen of it, the country is very pretty round here. Yesterday, Sister applied Blue Stone to my wound & it has burnt away all the proud Flesh. They seem to have a Board here about every other day & many get marked for Australia. I don't envy some of them as they will never be much good. I put in a Busy day at my Cushion Cover. It will take a long time to do, but Gingos is worth it. Wrote to France & Nell.

Thur. Nov. 1st Carried on the Good work with the Badge & wrote Letter 42 to B.E. Also P. Cards to Payney & Stan Wright. Miserable, wet day. Leg not looking too good. 5 weeks today since I got hit.

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