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On the Day on which Peace is declared – Last verse

Now we'll all join together & sing the last verse,
The first part of our Programme is ended
If we've given you a prod we didn't mean worse
And we hope there is no one offended
So cheer up, be merry, for tomorrow we die
All the Anzacs are leaving the Somme bye & bye

On the day on which Peace is declared
We might have been worse had we dared
Farewell to our dugouts, the whizzbang & dud
Farewell to rum Issues, shell holes & the mud
We'd like to come back to the Somme if we could
On the day on which Peace is declared.

Well I had some words of a different kind
O! isn't that singular
And it's strange that I haven't gone out of my mind.
O isn't that singular.
Nancy pushed Lille down Estaires it appears
And Albert called in to lesson her fears
But the poor Girl Laon his Armentieres.
O! isn't that singular?
Yes very peculiar

Well theres one good may come of America's action
O isn't that etc
Apart from driving old Fritz to distraction
O wont that be singular.
Privates in the Army will be so very rare
There'll be nothing but stars & stripes in the Air
If they ask for a star, why they'll chuck you a pair.

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