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JAN. 28. contd. After Tea a few parcels came along. I got one from France containing socks & a woollen Helmet, just the two things I wanted most. Good old France. Wrote Letter to Kath Williams telling her about poor old Peter.

Mon. 29. Last night Tommy Ross took on the calling up & I took his place in his squad with Colley, Bill Mac & George Symister. We didn't have a call all night. This morning Tommy Ross & I tossed up to see who should come out to Thistle Trench. I lost. We came out at 2 oclock. The 53 Batt. are holding this part of the Line & we are in a good deep dug out with the Details, Scotty Sefton & Jim Harrop. They made us some Tea as soon as we arrived & we had a snack. Were just sitting back having a quiet smoke when a chap arrived with a broken arm. We put him on a stretcher & carried him through to Needle Trench where Billsy May & party are. His name was J. Rea. 53 Batt.
When we got back to the dugout Scotty made us some more Tea & heated some Pork & Beans & Bully Beef & we had the first warm meal since Dinner time last Wed. Now we are sitting round hoping we don't get another carry before daylight.

Tues. 30. Slept soundly & warm till 9.30. Didn't have a carry all night. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow". Got the old "Primus" going, made some Tea & warmed a Tin of Pork & Beans. Then I had a shave, which made me feel quite fresh. About Dinner time Fritz set up a terrific Bombardment. Shells were flying in all direction & we got prepared for a busy time. About 2 p.m. the first case arrived, shell wound in the R. Elbow. We carried him thro' to Needle Trench & when we returned 2 more stretcher cases were waiting. Capt. Cosgrove got some of the 53rd to give us a hand in with 'em. When we got to Needle Trench

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