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Wed. Sept. 19. I was enjoying a nice sleep this morning. The rest of the chaps in my Tent all got up & had Break. but I though a few more minutes sleep would do me more good. Was just rolling over to sleep on when Serg. Mathieson came into the Tent & informed me that I was Orderly Corporal. Talk about being busy – I was rushed off my legs – & on top of it all I had the Photos to give out. Just after dinner I was sent away in charge of 30 discharged Tommies to report to the R.T.O. at Poperinghe Station. It was a rotten march as we had to thread our way through the traffic - & there was some traffic. Guns, ammunition, Ambulances, motor Bikes & the Lord knows what. We got to the Station alright, but the R.T.O. refused to take them over, so we had to return to the Rest Camp.

Westhock Ridge Pill Box
Thur. Sept. 20th
The Bearers moved away on our way into the Line again. We arrived at a nest of dug-outs along side the Ypres-Comines Canal.

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