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Sat. 5 JAN. Got Mr Jacks to take a few copies of the enlargement, as it is too big to send Home to M.S. I don't get up in the morning till about 11. The weather is too jolly cold. Ern & I went to a Dance at St Michael's Institute but I got too giddy & had to give up.

Sun. 6. There was a procession to St Michael's. All the soldiers & Council attended the Intercession Service. I intended going, but got up too late. After Dinner Ern & I paid a visit to Father's Grave. It is well looked after. There are quite a lot of new Graves near, that were not there when I was here last May. All the Hotels were closed all day..

Mon. 9. Went visiting. Saw Mrs Hambleton at the Brewery Stable, who enquired after France, & said that my wife must be a "lovely person". Fancy calling B.E. a person

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