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Wed. Oct. 17. Wet, dull day. Had a good read "Smoke Bellew". Doctor came round after Dinner, & marked me for X Ray. Red X Ladies brought Cigarettes & a "Bulletin". They stayed quite a while & we had a good old yarn. Received Letter from Ruth. They are expecting a Convoy in tonight & the Nurses & maids are rushing about like a Ration Party, carrying Blankets etc.

Thur. 18. 15 men came in last night. Judging by the excitement I thought there would be, at least, 100. The doc. came in during the night & borrowed my "Bulletin". I was X Rayed just before dinner. There is still a piece of shrapnel in my Leg. It shewed on the plate, so I guess that means they will make another cut. The Sister made my visit to the X Ray department quite interesting, as she explained to me the process. Whilst waiting for the lift to return me to the Ward I struck up a yarn with a Girl waiting to be X Rayed, & found out that she had been wounded by a Bomb which fell in London during an Air Raid. She was driving a Tram at the Time, & was injured in 6 places. As it was such a glorious day, they put "Smithy" & I out on the verandah. Wrote Aunt Nell & Mrs Pudney.

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