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A chap named Mitchell came in with a scalded foot. He & Snowy Atherton had a great yarn about the East. Subs. footballers. During the night our dug out got flooded & the water was over boot tops. We did our best to clean it up & make it a bit decent for the 14th. We had plenty of cocoa & milk & kept a drop always on hand. The 14th arrived about 1.30 & we were mighty glad to see 'em. We returned back to our Camp, where we found ourselves moved into another Tent. [Keeing?]] soon rooted out another fire pot & we were quickly just as snug as we were in the old Tent. The Rum Issue was greatly appreciated before we turned in between our blankets. Snowy & I slept together. The "chats" & Fritz's shells made sleep almost impossible.

Mon. 27. This morning we were allowed to sleep in Lord how we did appreciate it. We didn't turn out till Dinner time. After Dinner we were issued with Lace up Boots to the knees. Some of 'em are real good, but others are just as useless. We had stew for Tea, & then went to Bed early as everyone was tired.

Tues. 28. One party went out woodcutting & another lot worked at A.D.S. loading & unloading patients. It was fearfully cold. We saw a Taube brought down. There are 2 very big guns near our Tent, & we can hear the shells whistling through the air for nearly 20 secs. Mac & Deed went out with the 15th. The big game is very numerous & our [indecipherable] wag has renamed Devils Wood, Chatswood. Sergs Thomson & Roberts were evacuated. S.L [indecipherable] It is very rotten not being able to write Letters. Old B.E. will be getting worried.

Wed. 29. Crowds of chaps are coming in from the Trenches with Trench Feet. [Stitchy?] MacMahon, a chap out of C sec. & I paraded sick this morning. Mac had boils on his Back; C sec man had pains in his chest, I had a cold in my Kidneys. The MD (so called) distributed a bottle of pills among us. The weather is frightfully cold & the poor chats are feeling it keenly. Thank Goodness the Rum is plentiful in this Camp. Got issued with Knee Boots today, but most of 'em are no good.

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