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Tues. Nov. 13. Got Letters from France & Mary B. My wound is looking a lot better this morning. The Lady from the Red X saw my cushion cover today & said I must put it in the Comp. which comes off next Friday. Charley Whitaker came in to say "Hooray". He went away on Furlough. The Lights are rotten in this ward. I intended to write Letters, but went to the Concert instead, which was very good.

Wed. 14. Well what the deuce am I going to write about? I'm hanged if I know. It just seems a matter of eat, drink & sleep. The cushion cover is almost finished. The chap (Bandy Joe) came round & took our photos. All my money goes on Photos & stamps. I'm broke again now & haven't got a writing Pad otherwise would write some Letters. Have got quite a lot to answer.

Thur. Nov. 15. Finished off my cushion cover for M.S. Hope she will appreciate the many Hours I spent on it. Got Letter from Rex Herford. 14 more Military Medals. Our unit will soon be all M.Ms & N.C.Os. After Dinner, donned my blues, struggled into a Collar & Tie & went for a stroll down the village. Met Steeley & we went for a walk along the Road. The Trees are shedding their Leaves & they make quite a carpet of the Roads.

FRI. 16. This afternoon there was an Exhibition of Needle work done by Patients. Some of it was beautifully done. Mr Leek, to whom this House & Land belongs, presented the Prizes. Afterwards we all had Afternoon Tea with him in the Rec. Room. My cushion cover was on view, but did not gain a Prize.

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