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Sun June 10 (cont.) We had Dinner at a very nice place, where a girl works who Billsy May is always talking about. Her name is Marie Louise. We found out that while Billsy & Sid Royall were there they helped M. L. to wash up, so we give 'em a [rib?] about it when we return. After Dinner we strolled around the City & made a few purchases. I bought a little souvenir for Lill of the Weeping Angel. After wandering around for a while we went for a ride in the Tram.
In London the drivers are men & the conductors girls, but in France the positions are reversed. After the Tram ride we sat down in the Park for about an hour. Then we had Tea. Steak & Eggs & Bread & Butter, & cakes. For this we had to pay 4 Fs each. We went around the shops & bought some P Cards, then we got back to the Station. The Train left about 8 & we got to Albert about 9.30. We walked along the Bapaume Road & waited for a Motor lorry. One came along about 11.30 & we were soon back in our Tent & asleep, as it had been a very trying day.

Mon. June 11. Signalling Squad Drill. In the afternoon our Rugby Team played the 30 Batt & won, 9 to 8. Les Townshend & Darky Bowden mentioned in despatches. Peter H came in & had a yarn. Posted Letter to Lill

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