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Thur. Aug 2. A lot of gassed cases came in during the night. We had sop for Breakfast again. Raining Cats & dogs. Sister almost had a fit this morning, The Thermometer registered 109 ° when she took my Temp.
A big convoy of sick & wounded came in – also a good number of gassed cases. 3 Gassed cases came into our ward. They say that Fritz is putting over some new kind of Gas, which they can neither see or smell. It affects their eyes & sends them to sleep.
This is a poor sort of place. I can't even raise a few sheets of paper to write to M.S. Have plenty of time too; & if I had Paper could write a good long Letter.

Fri. Aug. 3. The M.O. marked 5 of us to C.C. so it's Goodbye to my chances of Blighty. Got my few items of uniform from the Store. They have been through a Fumigator & are in an awful state, the pants were quite useless. At 2 o'clock we paraded to the Clothes Store & got a new rig-out. Got a pair of Infantry pants about 2 sizes too small They are most uncomfortable & unsightly. At 4.30 we fell in again, handed in our Hospital suits, & were marched off to the Con. Camp. Here the M.O. examined our Pay Books to see when we were last inoculated. Then we were told off to Tents. There are all sorts in this Camp. Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, S. Africans, Jamaicans & full blooded niggers.

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