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Mon. May 7. Last night we had quite settled down to Bunk when Sgt Thomson came & sung out the names of 100 Bearers to be ready to move off at a moments notice & my name was among 'em. It appears that the casualties among stretcher Bearers is very high & we have to go out to relieve them. After Tea we had a run through our Programme for tomorrow night at the Reinf Camp.

Tues. May 8. Our Concert is knocked on the Head. The 15th F. Amb is coming to relieve us tonight & our crowd are taking over the Main & Advanced Dressing Stations.
Later. Busy Day packing up & handing over. Payney, Nick Coxon Jack Edgar & I had a Farewell Gathering in the Mess Hut.

Wed. May 9. Got up bright & early & fell in at 8.30. Packed up & fossicked around for Rations. Had Dinner at 11.30. Payney, Bricky & I dined in the Canteen. Fell in at 12.30, boarded motor Lorries & came out to this Main dressing Station, through Poziers & Bapaume. The country looks much better than it did on my last visit as the grass has grown & covered up the shell holes to a certain extent. We got a drink of Tea & are to bivouac in the open for tonight & move up to the Line tomorrow. There are plenty of planes about & its good fun watching 'em.
Glory Halleluyah! Got 3 Letters 2 from M.S. & 1 from Nell Good old Blue Eyes. Your Letters bucked me up fine.

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