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Visit to Havre

Sun. Aug. 19 (cont) We arrived in Havre about 2.20. It is a beautiful city, quite the best place we've struck in France. Saw a no. of dirigibles cruising along the coast, also quite a lot of sea-planes. It was a grand day. The town reminded me very much of St Kilda. We walked down to the Beach & spent a very enjoyable half hour in the water. There was quite a big crowd in the water including quite a number of mdd'elles. It was quite like old times. There is a good dressing shed run by the military, where one can obtain swimming togs. & towel for 2d. It just wanted old B.E. there to make it a perfect day. We sat on the Beach for a while & enjoyed a sun Bake. The only drawback to the Beach is that its big pebbles instead of sand, & is rather hard on one's feet.

About 4 we adjourned to a very nice café & had afternoon Tea. Then we took a stroll through the city. There are some very fine Public Buildings & the City is well laid out. Electric Trams. Had a good Tea. Eggs, Salad, Bread & Butter. After that we strolled through some of the most interesting parts of the Town. Visited a big café, & watched them playing French Billiards for a time. French Billiard Tables have no pockets, & it is a novelty to watch a game in progress.
We struck up a yarn with a Belgian officer & his wife, & then he asked us to join him in a drink – which we did. I asked one of the waitresses if they had any Lager, but she couldn't compre my French. I was just giving it up as a bad Job when a girl came to my rescue, & acted as interpreter. We got the Lager & everybody was all smiles. Had a most exciting Tram ride back to Camp.

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