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Sat. Aug. 4th
3rd Anniversary of the War.
It has rained now for 4 consecutive days. Last night it came down very heavily, & its just as bad now. The poor devils in the Line must be suffering. At Breakfast I met Bill Lancaster. Like me he was not lucky enough to get to Blighty. He looks real sick. The Breakfast was very rough. Weak, cold Tea. A small piece of Fat Ham, & dripping in place of Butter. Last night went to Y.M.C.A. It is a fine building with Billiards & all kinds of games & 2 pianos. It was absolutely packed. I had a cup of Tea & some Biscuits, also procured a few sheets of paper, so now I can do what I've wanted to all the week & that is write Letter No. 28 to old B.E.

Dinner was fairly decent. Roast mutton & Peas – Plum duff. After dinner went over to Church Army Hut. It is a very fine building, would seat about 1000. It has a fine stage, & I believe they have a very good Concert Party – permanent.
For Tea, Bread & Butter, & weak greasy looking tea & some raisins. After Tea went to Y.M.C.A. Hut, where a very good Concert was given by a party of Ladies. It is still raining heavily & shows no sign of easing.

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