Item 02: Arthur John Moore diary, 11 November 1916-11 January 1918 - Page 30

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Sun. JAN. 21. Quite a Busy day. After Break a party of us sorted out some old Tents; & loaded the old stuff from the Salvage Dump on to Waggons. Cleared a space to pitch a Tent for a Pack store. After Dinner we pitched the Tent & carted a lot of old stretchers from the Incinerator to the Dump. Peter Murphy came to see me. He is in the 8th Mac. Gunnrs &amp looks very well on it. First time I've seen him since Egypt. Showed him my snaps & gave him one as I had two alike. 2 of the 14th & 1 of the 15th were wounded today, also one of our horses.

Mon. 22. Told off last night to go out with a Party to where they are building the new A.D.S. We turned out at 6 & it was jolly cold. Had Break & started off about 7.30. Serg. Jeffreys was in charge. It is about 4 miles away from our Billets & the walk through the frosty air was most enjoyable. From Eskimo Dump the Engineers loaded us with roofing Iron & Timber. We split up into parties of 6 with about 100 yds interval between each party as Fritz drops his shells around pretty strong in these parts. We got out to the A.D.S. about 9.30. Bert Hunt & I with 2 15th chaps carted duck boards from a dump about a mile away. Had Dinner at 11.30. Couldn't light a fire as Fritz would have spotted our smoke. While we were eating Fritz dropped about 20 shells all within a 100 yds radius. One dropped on the top of a dugout belonging to the Artillery. It caught one chap in the head & splashed his brains about a bit. Serg. Jeffreys & I went over & fixed him up & Bert Hunt, Sullings, Tom Davis & I pulled him along to the A.D.S. on a trolley. It must be about 5 miles & snowed very heavily. Bomr. Macdonald. 52 Battery.

Tues.23. Beautiful sunshiny day. Clear as crystal. Fritz had his aeroplanes up bright & early. Our A.A. Guns gave them a lively reception & brought one down.

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