Item 02: Arthur John Moore diary, 11 November 1916-11 January 1918 - Page 114

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Thur. Aug. 16. Glory – Alleluia! Steak for Break - Quite a shock. Visited Q.M. Store & got issued with Outfit to resume the offensive Got everything but pants, just the thing I most needed. After Tea attended Concert in Y.M. Hut, given by "Lena Ashwell's Party". It was very fine, but too high class for many. This morning the M.O. inspected us. I told him was suffering from cold in the Head, but he seemed to think it was a big Joke & "passed me out".

Fri. Aug. 17. "Oriss" & I spent a quiet morning. Break was very light. Bean Soup & Tea. Messin' about all day on Parades. Attended Concert at Y.M. Hut given by the "Lyre Birds" (2nd Div. Band) It was their first Concert & was an excellent attempt. Got pants from Q.M. so now we are fixed up.

Paid at Base

Sat. Aug. 18. Fine day, sun shining & things looking bright. Was told off to take charge of a working party, but after fooling around for a time, we dispersed. Fell in at 11 & got a Paid (30 Fs) Now all we want is leave to Havre. Went to Concert at Y.M. but it was very rough. This Camp is well laid out. Fine big, airy mess–rooms, plenty of Recreation Rooms & Showers. The food is also very good, quite a treat after our starvation diet of the past fortnight at the Hospital & Con. Camp.

Sun. Aug. 19. Much to our surprise, Oriss & I discovered our name on the Leave list. We attended Church Service at the C of E Hut. Bishop somebody took the service. He confirmed a number of chaps. After a good dinner of Roast meat, Vegs, & Plum duff, we took the Train from Rouelles into Havre. Fare 1d. The Train was packed with troops on leave.

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