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ending to such a young life. On the 8 of November the usually daily Grain arrived, blowing the steam whistle all the way joyously to the Camp gawe the Internees their beleave that armistic News wher true, becourse the daily News had been of such unreliable nature, that the inmates of this Camp would not beleave any news prited their [indecipherable] This time the Engineer reported Official News of Armistice & Peace with Germany. The reader should think this News would hawe brought happiness & joy in this Compound. However the usual life wher continued with the exception of a few instances Becourse the majority would not still beleave the report as true, becourse as formerly stated, Didn't the Newspapers hawe been printing falsehoods allmost daily during the 4 years of our internement. Falsehoods wich in several instances had enabled us, to rise Hopes only to find out to our dismay, it remained only a Hope. 13/ This day wher an official Public holiday all over Australia, proclaimed, to celebrate the signing of the armistic by Germany. Upon this notification, we Internees wher shure, that our life in this Black Hohle, of Australia would seen be endet. The Camp Brass Band gawe a selection at 6am in honor of the occasion. The Camp & the life theirein, wher however as usual. 15/ A sergeant employed in the Censor departement wher arrested, as I hawe it of good authority charged with embessling money send to Internees from overseas. The amount involved amounts to about 2000  £. There is a smal hope for the Internees, to ever hawe this money refundet by the Authoritys, although an order has been issued that all Internees, wich hawe been notified from overseas of the sending of asistance in money, but had not recieved same to giwe in their names at the Post Office departement. On the 18th a detective arrived from Adelaide South Australia & interviewed separately each Internee from that respektive state. The reasones for this interview is known only to the

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