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one of the acused got sentenced to be remowed to the Singh Singh Compound, while the other recieved sentence of 7 days in the Lockup. Allthough the writer heard personaly the Comandant say to one of the acused. I giwe you the benefitt of the doubt, but you will hawe to goe into the Sing
Singh Compound. When the arrestants wher remowed to the lockup, the Comandant called the Sergeant into the Court & explained to him about the condradictory evidence giwen by the Police if the several points the Internee had had him on. This is another clear, prove that the Internees never or seldom recieved a fair deal at the hands of the comandant. Though one Internee could not be found guilty of the charge layd against him by the Police, but the Comandant instead of aquitting him sentenced him into Sing Singh. On the 4th  £ 14 wher collected in this Camp, to aid the internees in Singh singh to enable them to procure additional nourishement, also to help, to make their lonely time in their, a bit lighter as their place wher indeet a [indecipherable] yard & their Cot-a-bad lot. The Writer never wher able to proccure a specise list of stores, wich wher failed to issue to us Internees however during December this Camp, got issued 5000 ordinary tins condensed Milk tins short. The food for breakfast usually consist of the following: Breakfast Black weak tea & dry bread. Dinner: A smal pice of meat, peans or peas up for about 500 men, the other 900 in each Kitchen had to await their turn. Every 2-3 day a few potatoes wher addet . Tea.  ¼ pint of tea & bread. Every 3rd week each Internees recived a jam tin full of fatt from our Kitchen, wich wher saved from our meat. All our Cooks complained about the shortage of food stuff & ingredients, as their whas none to begot from the store, we Internees had to goe without. The Pots & cooking utensils wher in adequate. In the Cooking Pots the Cooks had to fry the fatt during the Night. Boil Coffee in the mornings

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