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1 October 1917.18 New arrivals from Queensl. On this day, the Camp wher notiefied by the Swiss Consul, that Germ. Internees wich had legal Papers in their possession to prove their Nationality would receive 10Sh per month of the Germ Imperial Governement. If not they would hawe to await untill statement of Internees hawe been verified by the Germ. Governement. It wher also a stipulation of the Germ. Governement, that if a Internee earned 10Sh per month, or had 10Sh or more send to him by post, this grant would cease for that month. As it has proven during the next months, this whole has proven a farce, as certainly some, who wher lucky enough to hawe documents in their possession, recieved the 10Sh, but others failed. Out of 1700 Internees, who had their Names entered only about 200 recieved it, the others had to await untill notiefied by the Germ. Governement. With the exception of those, who wher naturaliced in Australia & no doubt the Australian Governement know their Names, all the Rest are & still are Germans, else they wouldn't hawe been hier. Why If in possession of legal documents & prove that you are a Germ. 6 Novemb, Notice all dogs in Camp must be registered, registration fee is 2/9 payable at Military Police. If not registered, same will be shot. 19/ Meeting of all Internees, regarding the unemployment in Camp, the Internees send a petition to Governement for manual labor, as a Internee under the present system of work wher enabled to earn, if the weather conditiones wher favorable every 10 weeks the sume of 12Sh, that is, every 8th week their turn would come to work 2 weeks for 1 shilling per day. 12Sh is insufficient to buy additional food, wich is necessary to add to our scanty allowance to keep body & soul together. 25/ Jubilee of the foundation of this

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