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bought & payed for themselves, becourse it appears the Authorities do not seem to care for our health & wellbeing from a Civilian & human standpoint. 12/2 A population of 1 Barrak wher permitted b special favor of the Commandant to go swimming in the creek nearby. As of course those Internees had to be guardet, the guards looked upon this as extra labor & so tried to giwe the Internees a lively time while marching out to & from the creek. Every 100 yards, they wher ordered by a Officer in charge of the guard to Halt" to give the Soldier guard Smoke O. than ordered to fall in in fours Soldiers fashion & ordered to march to step. As this is against the Rules issued at the Hague Conference 3 Internees refused to march like Soldiers as they wher Civilianes also resented to the treatement meted out on the road to the creek, becourse as they told the Officer in charge of the guard they had been told to be permitted to goe for a Swim & not for a Drill. When those Internees returned to the Maingate those 3 Internees refferred to wher arrested under the charge of giving insolence to a superior Officer. "Against this unjust arrest the whole Company Internees complained & asked permission to interview the Comandant regarding the wrongfull arrest. The Officer in charge of the Guard, a major, however refused their request & ordered the Guard to charge with bayonets fixced." Wich order the guard instantly [indecipherable], & they used their bayonets most effectively on the Internees, some halfnaked, with the result of 7 Internees remained at the gate with bayonet wounds. The woundet Internees wher compelled to wait 1 hour & a half at the Gate previously to being permitted to being transferred to

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