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D. Sanitary arangements Hospital Dentist Treatement of Patients & Invalids Latrines E Sports Theater Music, Shools Libraries Gardens works tuition entertainements ectra. F Complaints Clothing Post Rank Censorship ectra. The President is the Speaker for the Committee, but in all negotiationes with the Authoritys he must be acompanyd by the Committee Member who is competent & responsible for the matter under discussion. Committee Meetings Meetings of the full Committee are to be held at least ones a forthnight & a report on the liberation of such Meetings, signed by the President & Secretary is to be posted on the Noticeboards regulary & punctualy after the Meeting.
Audit The Auditores will make a full audit of the Camp books & Funds & of the Canteen balance sheets once a month & report to the Camp every month by notice posted on the Camp Noticeboards. Public Notification all these are subject to the aproval of the Camp president, but against his decission the Internee mayappeal to the Camp Intelegence Officer. Camp Meetings: At the written request of at least 1/10 of the total Members of Internees, the Committee must call a general meeting. Company Commanders are not to interfer & the Committee is not to induce such interference in Camp matters with the exception of the administration & distribution of clothing & rationes to their respektive companies. By the Order of the Camp Committee. This Notifications wher handet to the Comandant for perusal & sanction of same but it returned all marked  €“ crossed out & not accepted by same, the following wher written at the bottom in Ink by

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