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to see the Comandant, to either hawe our food issue regular or else they would in a body resign. On the following day the 26 /the Spokesman of this Meeting seen the Comandant Hollborrow & layd the general complaints before him for perusal. This sayd Gentleman promised the deputation, that he would do all in his power, to hawe our just complaints remedied, if possible, as it wher not his fault, but the higher authorities, with wich, he would get into telephone communicationes at ones, also promissed to issue orders at ones to the Quarter Master not-to-accept the magarine in future, becourse he must admitt himself, that same wher not fitt for human consumption. To this the Delegates of the Camp. Camanders considered fair & remained in their positiones. 26/ On this day 2 Internees wher recaptured about 180 Miles from this Camp, wher they had gone partly by train, partly by foot. They wher arested at 3a.m. by a Country Police tramping along the Country road, they wher returned heavyly ironed & chained, both on Hands and feet to this Camp wher they arrived on August the second & placed in the Lockup to await trial by court mashial. 28/ The Separation Camp, wher the Trial Bay Internees had been confined, opt transferred to the new Camp, made by Internees about 1000 yards distant. This Camp, as it wher specialy build for the wealthy Internees formerly confined at Trial Bay wher whe much superior, to the main Compound, wher most by the Working class wher Keept. As this month has been mostly allways, Rain our Camp is again a Sea-of-mud, & walking made in consequence very dangerous. On the 29th the eldest Internee died at the Liverpool hospital at the age of 86 years of age, wich had been a resident of Australia for close on half a Century. The deceased

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