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bolished by Soldiers with the assistance of acces & Crowbars & the material carted out of camp, as a preventive from us Internees getting firewood. During this afternoon all Inmates of the Camp Hospital wher ordered into the Compound with the exception of 6 cases wich wher critical visous Typhus case & 7 suffering with lung desease the doctor giwing as an excuse as the Internees hawing ceased all work & no cooks & attendants wher procurable from our midst his staff wher unsufficient to carry on the dutys nescessary to all. Among these returnes wher several unable to walk & several on reaching the Main gate had to be asisted to enable them to reach their Shelfs inside of their Barraks. Also amongst those wher an Austrian with a broken leg who had to remain in plaster of paris for another 16 days. If this act as shown by the Military, is an act of Civilation & humanity in Australia, I preffer to spend the remainder of my life amongst uncivilicat Blacks, the Natives of Australia. I am positive these Race, would hawe never adhered to such low action, as the one previously mentioned. Of course, as far as I hawe understood of the patients the Medical doctor Mr Sampon acted under the orders of the Comandant Lieut. Col. Hollman. I wiche to state hier also to the Reader, that the Civilian Internees formerly employed at the hospital, ceased work on account of 23 sh. per diem being considered insufficient & on account of armistice wher entilted to the wages prevailing outside among civilication or at least, as International Law permitts, the wages as payd to Soldiers performing the same duties vic 5 sh per diem but as the Authority had refused this request, they in a body had come into the Compound to show also their protest as formerly explained, thinking, as the Governement had made Internees, wher responsible to look after them without their asistances State account of daily re guard

25/ No Sanitary work hawing being able to be

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