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this inconsequence will be deterimental to the Australian Governement, as the old but true adage is. Children are the best assett to any state. My experience, fair during my four years of australia internement has proven, that Justice & fair play only excists in words, but seldom in deeds hier. 18/ Kaiser Karl, Emperor of Austria hawing his Birthday, this event got celebrated by the Internees in General suitable to the occasion. The day comenced with Reveile at 6 a.m. by selectiones played by the Camp Brass Band. 10a.m. high Mass in the Catholic Church, an old ragged tent, supplied by the Federal Governement, Vater Jerger, an wich had arrived in childhood days in Australia & lerned & studied his Proffession (Priest) in Australia wich however also had been interned by the Authoritys held officiated at the High Mass. During the afternoon from 2.50 clock wher a happy gathering in the Turn Halle with Coffee & Cakes supplied by the Austrian Internees from 7-70.30 p.m. Concert Vaudeville & Speeches combined in the Austrian Hall. The Hall wher gaily decorated with greens & bunting Austrian Oak, wher substituted by Australian Waddel (state acount of Daily) No butter neither substitude has been issued to us for the past 5 weeks. On the 25/ their was a general meeting in the Austrian Hall, to select a Committee to aproash the Comandant, with regard of the Canteen  €“ funds being used for illegal & improper use, & only for the benefits of Internees solely, as the Orders of the

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