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internement in this Camp. The exhibits wher grant under the circumstances prevailing hier, hardly any proper tools handy, mostly all made in Camp by the Internees themselves.

The Internees allmost to a Men payd his entrance fee of first day 6 pence 2 3 & 4 day 3 pence for this great & grand cause 9/ 2 Internees managed their escape, by digging a hole in the excercise ground during the day carefully, so as not being detected by the ever watching & alert Military Police & previously to all Internees being called to return to the main compound, they got into the hole & some friends, closed them up with the earth taken out. The aire to keep them alive untill dark, they recieved through a iron pipe. So they remained untill 9 p.m. when as they being at the back of the guard they managed their escape through the only remaining Barbwire easily. As this Camp however is full of Spies payd by the Military Authoritys daily, the Authorities even wher informed. The Authoritys know it the same Night & Light Horse Guards & Soldiers send out in all directiones immediately to search for them. When the Internees reached the River to swim across they found fires lit by the Soldiers gallore. They immediately grasp the situation as an impossibility to effect their escape to regain their freedom, they returned the way they had come & crawled back into the previously mentioned Hohle to await daylight as at 8am the gates of this ground would be opened for the general use, when they could enter the Main Camp again unnoticed wich they also dit reaching

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