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money to buy the necessary material, as all the presents will be manufactured in Camp. Several Internees comenced straight away, to make the Children happy, & to show them that their "Country Men hawe not forgotten them, even behind Barbwires & in enemy country. 17 A Austrian Internee got shot, becourse he satt to close to the fence while watching football practise at the football ground. 19/6 new arrivals from Queensl. 6 S.A. & 7 from N.S.W. 20/2 Whiskey distilleries confiscated this day 2 pair second hand socks issued. The Royal Comission visited Camp & viewing us Internees while recieving dinner. For the ocassion our dinner provide an extra large one. We recieved our weekly ration of potatoes all on this day, & consequently had to goe without untill next week, during the afternoon, they viewed several articles manufactured in Camp for exhibition, to impress the Gentleman with the idle talent & if possible to procure work for Internees. 7 December 2 Internees escaped through fence. On this day the authority comenced to hawe the ground of the open Washplace cemented. The roof over this place wher errected in June 1918. 9/ Exhibition of the presents made for the Children in Burke Camp, also a voluntary collection of money. This proved a great success. Presents wher their gallore of all description for boys & Girls. The Bakerys of the Camp presented also a great quantity of diverse Xmass cakes. 10/ 55 [indecipherable] to each Internee out of Canteen fund, as a Xmas present by the Military Authority. This day we recieved clothing consisting of trousers & coat made out of Rakhi; the Coat had a large white diamond at the back & the trousers a white stripe. The

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