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the Provost Marshall Bardsly: Each Internee will be supplied with a painted printed Ballot paper by his Company Comander Returning Officer must hawe 75% of the whole selection to Mr Kolbe will be deputy returning Officer. To this the Ballot Committee send the following reply: To Major Hollborrow Camp Commandant Sir! Reffering to the Interviews we had with you & with Captain Fitzhardinge today & reffering to your orders regarding the Rules for the forthcoming election, we beg to lodge this protest aganist the following decissiones giwen by you.

No 1 That you deny the Camp the right to decite upon the question of payment or otherwise of its representative Comittee & upon the source from wich such payment if any is to be drawn. No 11 That you declare that the election will not be recognised by you as valid if less than 75 percent of the whole of the Internees record their votes. & No 111 that in case of the ellection being declared valid by fo you for the reason sett out in the foregoing section, you will appoint a person or persones to conduct the internal administration of the Camp No 4 that a Military Officer will be present to supervise the ellection & counting of votes No 5 that the nominationes must be put into a special box at the Pay office, to be opened their by one of your Officers in the presence of the returning officer apointed by this Committee. If the supervision of the election as Sett out sub (4) to (5) wher not against all preceeding in history of electiones of this Camp, we would hawe well coined it, as we hawe certainly nothing to hide or to ear. So far it has unfortunately resulted in the resignation of the returning Officer, Mr Marquardt, for whom

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