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Hall also a good programe in the German Theater. 30/ An eye specialist arrived from Sydney to attend Eyesore Internees as per Notice issued to Camp. 32 Internees reported. This so called excamination however only proved a Farce. The specialist arrived at the camp Hosptal at 2p.m. & left at 3.30p.m. Within 90 minutes this Expert had attendet the Eyes of 220 Internees. So the reader can guess, that it has been impossible in this time to attend the eyes properly. I recon this only a waster of Puplic Money by the Federal Governement. I must also state my grievance for the strict Censorship ruling hier in Camp. If I send a letter to my Wife residing in S.A. asking for help & assistance either in food or clothing or any other thruthfull statement concerning our treatement in general, are returned allways by the Censor under a protest of some sort, however letters containing Lies regarding treatement in general, I can be shure this one gets forwardet by next mail. Personal Letters containing complaints of conditiones & treatement to Internees or their family & adressed to the Minister of Deffence are mostly confiscated by Camp Censor or returned to Sender. I personaly hawe requested of Capt Lloyd the Intelegence Officer in charge of all Internees corespondence, to see that that a letter adressed to the Minister of Deffence containing a personal complaint would get to the adress, but as I never recieved reply, I am positive this one also, wandered like 1000 others into the waste paper basket. During this month the Xmas parcels arrived from Germany, however they wher mostly broken or damaged, also in several

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