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inside the Compound it will be God help you, for the Military Authorities of Australia cannot, as the facilities to deal with the sick, is in adequate in ordinary times at this Camp. But let us hope for the best. As a precaution, the Authorities had issued orders, to cease all leave to the Guards be giwen. From the date February the 8th untill the 15, the guard toke things as they came, those who returned from leave, giwen previously to the order, wher put in 4 days quarantine (tents put up at the Road Guard), entering the Camp. However on the 15th the solders comenced troubling the Officers, regarding leave, & in some instances demandet, as the accomodation, wich wher similar to our (Internees) wher very trying & allmost unbearable. Seeing the trouble brewing, & knowing the Guards would take matters in hand themselves, the Comandant granted the Soldiers demands (State Paper acount As a preventive meassure, to keep our Camp healthy (if possible) every Internee asisted the cleanliness of the Camp in general, as well as bodily.

Allmost each & everyone sleep outside of the barraks, so as to hawe as much fresh air as possible, & to keep away from the numerous Vermins, housing inside the sheds, as fleece, bugs & mosquitos wher uncountable their, & impossible for us Internees to extinguish. Hunderts of this Vermin each Internee kills allmost daily wich are found inside of the socalled Bunks, but nightime the articles are as full as previously, as the wooden sheds & close vicinity of each other acts as a happy breeding & hunting ground, for the formerly mentioned Vermin. 8/ This day the Soldiers Guards wich had been on guard furlough returned & put into the socalled isolation camp at the formerly explained Road Guard House, their wher about 30 tents for sleeping purposes & 1 Marque for Meals. On account of the heavy rain was the Soldiers had to sleep on a Rubber sheet on the Ground inside of leaking tents, they in a body protested to remain, as some of the Quarantined Soldiers proceedet to their Platoon sheds (Barraks) while others returned to Liverpool seeking proper acomodation.

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