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assistance arrived for distribution under condition as mentioned previously. 26/ The Soldier Guards celebrating aniversary day with a Sports programe. They had arranged a special Band from Liverpool. On this day the Railway build entirely by Internees from hier to Liverpool run its first Carriages over the lines. The train wich carried passengers only consisting of Engine & tender & 7 Passenger carriages made 2 trips to convey all the public to the Sports ground about 1000 yards from our Camp. The Visitors during the fornenoon came right up to the Barbwires & viewed us, as if we wher some strange & seldom seen beings, or dit they envy us, knowing that we spend mostly all time in idlenes & thinking a Governement had invited us against our will to be their guest However during the afternoon the Military Police recieved orders to keep the public about 100 yards away. Their we wher wievid from the distance by eager eyes young & old untill the train departed. Needles to say hunderts of Internees to break the monotony & to see females from the distant, some had seen non for over the period of 3 years in reality lined up inside the Barbwire & viewed them also all day long so the treat wher on both sides. I must state the females visitores wher the most eager ones to get a narrow glymse of us & the military Police had all their time cought out to keep the ladys at the limited distance. 27/1 Germ Emperors birthday. This wher celebrated by Reville at 6am parade by Reservist Internees & Recruits. 11am High Mess in the open. Afternoon Happy Gathering in Gymnastic Hall with Coffee & Cakes, during the Evening Patriotic Concert with Vaudeville & Speeches in the Austrian

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