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the Camp hospital to receive medical treatement to hawe their wounds dressed. After this episode the Comp of Internees next on turn the following day, forfeited voluntary the priveledge to goe for a swim & remained in Camp. 18/2 Some Cigarres arrived from somewher unknown to the writer from some unknown Gentleman, as their wher close on 500 Internees in this Camp it amounted to 1 Cigar to 12 Internees. In the majority of cases, the Internees draw lots, to see who wher the lucky winner. On this Night their wher a big row in Singh Singh, shouting singing & playing improvised instruments. The Inmates had their motive for this row. Hawing been informed by some of their mates in the General Compound, by a secret communication that a former Camp Comander, who wher however at present in the tuberculose Compound & wich had participated in the melee in 1916 in hawing this Camp cleared of some undesirables, being in the Camp lockup, they wanted to be locked up 4 in number too, so as to hawe revenge. In this venture they susceedet, & when they wher locked up in Camp lockup, the door hardly hawing closed behind them they sett upon this Invalid & knocked him into insensibility. As two inmates of Singh Singh refused to participate in the making of the row to get arrested, they wher sett upon also by their fellow Inmates to severly dealt with 7 carried at 2am to the Camp hospital. The next day the Inmates who had been the leaders of this row wher taken to Darlinghurst Jail in the Red X vehicles, drawn by 4 horses. The 6 Internees entered the

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