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Sept 6th 1917. Letter handet to Official Visitor by Camp Comitee, re the almost unbearable condition of Camp, also one send to Minister of Deffence Letter read following:

Adrian Kuore K.C. Esq Official Visitor to Conc. Camps: Sir. We the undersigned Internees of the G.C.C. Camp Holdsworthy beg to respektfully aske you to present the following complaints to His Excellency the Govenor General of the Comonwealth of Aus. The Germ. Conc. Camp Liverpool has now been in excistence over 3 years & wheras some of our complaints hawe been dealt with, we hawe for the past 3 years suffered with the intolerable dust nuisance. In spite of our constant complaints to Camp Comandant, Consuls, Official Visitor by exhoustion of all other means to bring about an alteration or improvement. Nothing whatever has been done by the Authoritys.

We are facing now the fourth summer of imprisonement. As the Camp has been considerably enlarged & the dust factories surrounding the inner Camp hawe grown acordingly, the conditiones inside are very near intolerable. With the slightest wind, the dust flies & there is no protection against it. The barraks are open on 1 side, & there is not one single spot in the Camp wher one can escape the dust. Sometimes, for days at a stretch we breathe dust laden air. Often we hawe to fetch our food from the Kitchen in a dust storm. The food itself, the road, the sleeping quaters wher we also hawe to eat, everything is permeated with dust. Naturaly constant irritationes of eyes, nose mouth & respiration tractus. The filth we are compelled to live in owing to this dust, we cannot remowe. Nothing whatever has been atempted by the Authoritys. The sleeping quaters are infisted with vermin & this coupled with the dust menace

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