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16/ The Military Police toke 23 Internees out of this Camp, mostly wher of the wealthy class for internement into the Trial Bay compound. This wher mostly the Internees, who had instigated the selection of this new Committee, as our former Committee, who should consist of 10 Members, only 3 members wher in the Committee when they started the New Selection speeches, the other 7 Committee Members, hawing, through being prevented by the Military Authoritys from working in the Camp Interest only resigned. The remaining 8 members the president Secretary & one Ctee Men went to sleep, as far as the Camp wher concerned. Ones the Ballot Comitee remowed notification wher issued to this Camp & signed by the Provost Marshall Bardsly wher to the following effect. Agitationes of any sort against the Committee, will be punished as the Committee of the 3 Internees hawe been selected as the Camp Represantatives by himself. As those 3 Committee Men had previously resigned, the Internees of the Compound refused to look upon this Committee, as their represantives. During the afternoon the Austrian Internees in a body proceedet to the Camp Office & compelled the secretary wich was also a Austrian to come out & cease from his position, or else accept a trashing as they refused to remain under this Committee, if the Provost had put it in power or not, they preffered to be without a Committee & let the Federal Governement do with us what they thought fitt untill & after our release, when we could voice our opinion of the treatement recieved at the

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