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Military had two Sergeants, in this Camp especially to find ellicit stills, this consisted of their whole duty during the day Allthough they discovered a good few & good many remained undetekted. July2 All internees who had errected huts, between the barraks be it Workshops, Studios or sleeping quarters wher ordered to breakdown or remowe it. However in a few special cases, they wher permitted to rebuild on a specified place & acording to plans & specifications only made by the Authoritys. To each of those lucky onces had to deposit  £2.10 for the timber & rubberoid at the Military Office & same got delivered in the Camp. Every other material they had to supply themselves. The buildings wher 9 feet by 9 ground

on of those shops had to be done or payd for by the Internee themselves, also find the tools himself. In a few instances a Internee wher permitted to proccoire the timber & material necessary at a Liverpool timberyard. On this day about 200 Internees of the Trial Bay Compound wher escorted under heavy guard for a walking exercise in the surrounding paddocs, because their Camp wher too smal for the amount interned their. This excnercise toke place over per week. On July 12th The Internees of this

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